What is VRF?

VRF is short for Verifiable Random Function. It is the public keys.

What is Chainlink VRF and how can it help you?

Chainlink VRF can be described as Chainlink Verifiable random Function. This is a proven link of randomness, which has been specifically created for smart contract applications.

Chainlink VRF provides developers who use smart contracts with the ability to access a tamperproof RNG that allows them to create secure smart contracts for different applications. These applications are dependent on unpredictable, variable results.

  • NFTS & Other Blockchain Games
  • Randomly assigning jobs and resources
  • An example was taken to illustrate the consensus process.

What is Chainlink VRF and how can it help you?

Chainlink Verifiable Random function works by supporting smart contract. Let’s look at the Chainlink Verifiable Random Function mechanism in these points.

  • Request Randomness.
  • Randomness generation and proof sending.
  • Verifying randomness.
  • Receive Verified Randomness.

Chainlink VRF: Why are they so important?

Chainlink VRF generates an random number and a cryptographic proof for every request for random outcomes.

  1. Chainlink VRF has some unique features that make it an important part of the blockchain.
  2. It regulates the Random Number Generation (RNG), used to create smart contract.
  3. Chainlink VRF provides unbiased randomness to determine the game’s outcome.
  4. Smart contract are capable of producing all random numbers results, once they have been validated.
  5. Chainlink VRF makes it impossible for oracles to manipulate the generated result.

Chainlink VRF Cases:

Unbias Gaming Outcomes:

The lottery smart contracts are sent to the users. It verifies that winners are chosen using random data.

Secure NFT Distribution:

Chainlink VRF is a way to reward non-fungible tokens. You can also determine the contents by using your supply calendar. Players will have access to auditable proof that supports the creation of NFT-backed assets.

Engaging Player Experiences:

Chainlink VRF can help you increase your experience in uncertain environments and unpredicted scenarios. You will still be able to find the right mix of strategy and fun to determine the outcome in battles in PvP or other dynamic situations.


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